Sultan Barquq Mosque

Sultan Barquq Mosque

About the Sultan Barquq Mosque

The Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Barquq is a religious complex set in Islamic Cairo. Sultan al-Zahir Barquq commissioned it as a school for religious education in the four Islamic schools of thought, using it as a mosque, a madrassa, a mausoleum and a khanqah.

History of the Sultan Barquq Mosque

According to history, the Circassians were first imported to Egypt as slaves by Sultan Qalawun in the 13th century. As a Circassian, Barquq freed himself in 1363 to establish his own dominance with the help of Circassian Mamluks in 1382.

Barquq then established himself and was married to the last descendant of Qalawun's family – Baghdad Khatun. Barquq ordered this complex to be constructed as a funerary for his family.

The mosque is a piece of art that loudly speaks of the grandeur of the founder - created by a genius architect who was aware of the monument’s unique dimensions and the traditions of that era.

How to get to Sultan Barquq Mosque

The Sultan Barquq Mosque is located approximately three kilometres from the hotel. We recommend travelling by car with a total time of 7 to 11 minutes – depending on which route you take. For directions, please use the map below.